Tara Milani

Tara Milani has a fascination with elegant and bejeweled objects, whether used to rest on a woman's body or as an accent for living spaces. It has led her on a journey through the world of fashion and most recently, inspired by Art Deco, to the decorative accessory -- throw pillows. She continues with robust and imaginative flair and finely stated style the same of which she has shown since beginning her career after graduating from the famed ESMOD (French fashion school). Each pillow design combines vibrant, elegant shades of color within a meringue of textures and zesty patterns. Tara's uniquely-handcrafted pillow designs are adorned with bold details & deeply textured accents amidst a most imaginative gathering of fine feeling fabric. What results is a delightful, whimsical collection of d├ęcor accents to sparkle and spice any settings.